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Vision Therapy

The Vision Therapy Evaluation

The Vision Therapy Evaluation is a more extensive set of testing that is different from your usual eye exam.  This testing is used to help determine if you or your child  may benefit from Vision Therapy and to see if they are a good candidate.  The full testing usually takes approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours.  

Before we will perform this testing, you should have had a complete eye exam to assess the health of your eyes and to ensure that the problems you or your child are experiencing can not be helped by glasses alone.  

The Evaluation also includes a Patient Education Visit/Parent Conference to discuss the test results and answer any questions.  This conference is scheduled on a different day after the testing is completed.  You will be provided with a copy of your child’s test results at this time.

There are 2 parts to the Vision Therapy Evaluation.

Part 1:  Visual Skills

This testing determines if you have the necessary visual skills to help with everyday tasks such as reading and learning.  It looks at the mechanics of how efficiently you are able to use your eyes and how your eyes work.  The Visual Skills that are assessed include:

  • Visual Acuity at Distance
  • Visual Acuity at Near
  • Depth Perception
  • Ocular Motility/Eye Movements (Eye Tracking)
  • Eye Fusion
  • Eye Alignment at Distance and Near (i.e. Do the eyes turn in or out)
  • Eye Teaming (Vergence)
  • Visual Field
  • Eye Focusing (Accommodation)

Part 2:  Visual Information Processing (VIP)

This testing looks at how the brain processes the visual information it acquires.  The Visual Information Processing that is assessed include:

  • Dyslexia Screening Test
  • Laterality and Directionality (i.e. Letter Reversals)
  • Visual Memory (i.e. used with Spelling)
  • Processing Speed and Precision
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Visual-Motor Integration (i.e. Eye-Hand Coordination)
  • Visual Perception

Based off of the patient’s test results from the Vision Therapy Evaluation, Dr. Brown will determine if your child will need Vision Therapy.  If Vision Therapy is needed, then an individualized therapy program will be developed that is tailored to your child’s needs.  We will discuss your child’s therapy plan and answer any questions at the Patient Education Visit/Parent Conference.

Vision Therapy Screening

The Vision Therapy Screening is a select group of tests that are designed to screen certain individuals when they may not be able to commit to having the full Vision Therapy Evaluation.  The screening visit  takes approximately 45 - 60 mins and the results will be reviewed with you about your child’s performance at this time.

If there are abnormal test results found on the screening, then a full Vision Therapy Evaluation is recommended.  The Vision Therapy Screening is not meant to replace the Vision Therapy Evaluation.  

Oftentimes, we find that parents are unsure of why their child has been referred for a Vision Therapy Evaluation because they don’t understand how their child’s school performance or behavior is related to their vision, especially if their child does not need or currently have glasses.  The Vision Therapy Screening is used to help bridge this gap and show why the Vision Therapy Evaluation may be warranted.

Dyslexia Screening

Many parents wonder if their child may have Dyslexia.  Oftentimes, what may appear to be dyslexia is in fact a visual issue.  The Dyslexia Screening is included in the comprehensive Vision Therapy Evaluation.  The Dyslexia Screening is not performed as a stand alone test due to the fact that certain visual conditions can mimic that of dyslexia.  

If you choose to only have the Vision Therapy Screening, but are concerned about your child having dyslexia, then this testing can be added to the screening for a nominal fee.